No. 52
JOHN CHAMBERLAIN Modern Sculpture - Part I & II
(c) 1999
running time:Part I-28 mins. Part II-27 mins.

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John Chamberlain came to New York in the late 50's, a time when the art world was abuzz with energy and excitement. It was a time of larger than life luminaries such as Pollock, deKooning, Kline, Guston and others. It was in this climate that he started making sculpture for which he is best known today. Rooted in the ideas, process and spontaneity of Abstract Expressionism, his work is wrested and constructed from discarded metal car parts found in the automobile grave yards of America. His work blossomed into unique and brilliantly colored forms and has made him one of the foremost, original American sculptors. Today, his work is in all the major collections and museums. On this program we see two of his most recent exhibitions at the Pace-Wildenstein Gallery in SOHO and visit him in his Long Island home and studio. Also included are extended interviews with Chamberlain and art dealer ALLAN STONE, one of his earliest fans and collectors.