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Jack Goldstein - Pictures and Sounds
Jack Goldstein, a California artist who emerged in the mid 70's, is considered an important member of the Pictures Generation. This movement sourced material from movies, magazines, photographs, music, and mined other cultural artifacts. (read more)

2014 39 min Painting, Film, Records
Richard Phillips - Bigger than Life
Seen is Richard Phillips' 2012 exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in New York. Included are paintings and films with Lindsay Lohan, Sasha Grey and Adriana Lima. (read more)

2013 37 min Painting
David Salle - Sensitized Spaces
David Salle came to New York in the late 70' after studies at CalArts under the tutelage of John Baldessari. He quickly became part of a new wave of artists that included Julian Schnabel, Francesco Clemente, Sando Chia, Cindy Sherman, Robert Longo, among others, that rejected Conceptual-ism, and above all, Minimalism. (read more)

2012 45 min Painting
Lisa Yuskavage : Transgressions
Lisa Yuskavage is one of the most intriguing and provocative American artists working today. A superb painter, who was educated at the Yale School of Art, she makes paintings that both celebrate and exploit the voluptuous and sensual qualities of the female body which bring to mind the "high art" qualities of Rubens, Degas, Monet, and even Picasso. (read more)

2011 43 min. Painting
Mark Kostabi: Jedermann
Mark Kostabi, along with Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf and others, emerged in the 1980’s as a member of a group of East Village artists who set out to redefine the role of the artist and art. (read more)

2010 82 min. Painting
62 YouTube Trailer
April Gornik: Landscapes
April Gornik paints evocative landscapes with roots in minimalism as well as the conceptual avant garde of the 70's. Her haunted imagery is based on photographs that she manipulates to make highly personal work filled with sensual, sexual and metaphorical overtones. (read more)

2008 28 min. Painting
Robert Mapplethorpe
This documentary looks at the life and work of Robert Mapplethorpe, a world renowned and controversial photographer, who died of AIDS in 1989. It explores his photography, his relationship to the downtown New York art world, and the gay S&M club scene prevalent in the eighties. (read more)

2006 79 min. Photography
Eric Fischl: Narratives & Portraits
Eril Fischl is a painter of American disillusionments. Raised in suburbia, Fischl paints provocative vignettes and portraits of middle class lives. His paintings, a combination of David Lynch and Edward Hopper, are fraught with psychological insight and emotional ennui. (read more)

2004 28 min. Painting
Tony Oursler: Video Projections
Hailed by the art press as one of the most innovative artists of our time, TONY OURSLER is at the forefront of a second generation of video artists. Oursler creates eerily beautiful video installations as well as arresting video projections on objects in galleries and in public spaces. (read more)

2002 27 min. Video Art
Cindy Sherman: Transformations
CINDY SHERMAN creates innovative work that explores the place of women in society. With photographs she takes of herself in which she impersonates various fictitious characters, she shows us the numerous roles women play in our world. She depicts woman as house wife, sex symbol, lover, seductress, victim, monster and more; and makes us wonder about our perceptions. (read more)

2002 28 min. Photography
Hyper-Realist Sculpture
This program looks at the work of two premier hyper realists who came to prominence in the early 70's. Duane Hanson, whose work is seen at a large 1999 retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, makes evocative, realistic work based on casts of ordinary people involved in ordinary, everyday activities. (read more)

2002 28 min. Sculpture
Laurie Anderson: On Performance
Laurie Anderson is best known as a performance artist who uses music, technology, handmade instruments, words, film, actors and props to tell her tales. Although Anderson describes herself as a “story-teller,” her performances are rich in visual imagery and have often been presented in art galleries and museums. (read more)

2001 54 min. Performance Art
Nam June Paik
Nam June Paik is the founding father of video art. For more than four decades, he has explored and eploited television technology and used it as an artist's medium. Paik confesses that he has become "prisoner of the cathode ray." (read more)

2000 54 min. Video Art
John Chamberlain
John Chamberlain came to New York in the late 50's, a time when the art world was abuzz with energy and excitement. It was a time of larger than life luminaries such as Pollock, deKooning, Kline, Guston and others. It was in this climate that he started making sculpture for which he is best known today. (read more)

1999 28 mins  Sculpture
Directions in Sculpture 

This program looks at two artists who make and show sculpture in New York. ALISON SAAR, whose work is seen at the Phyllis Kind Gallery...  (read more)

1998 28 min. Sculpture
Marry Frank
Mary Frank is best known for her ceramic sculpture and work in printmaking. However, in the past 10 years or so, she has turned to painting, creating an impressive body of work that is rich in evocative imagery (read more)

1998 28 min Painting
Chuck Close: Eye to Eye
On this program we look at the extraordinary career of Chuck Close, an artist who, for thirty years, has had a passionate interest in making portraits of his friends and family. Working from photographs, Close has made an astonishing body of work. Using a multiplicity of innovative styles and techniques, he has revolutionized the time honored portrait. (read more)

1998 35 min. Portrait
Nan Goldin: In My Life
This program features Nan Goldin’s celebrated 1996 mid-career photography retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Goldin’s exhibition filled an entire floor at the Whitney Museum with pictures that chronicle her involvement and fascination with the alternative, “downtown” culture of New York City, Boston, Berlin, Tokyo, etc. (read more)

1997 28 min. Photography
Barbara Kruger: Pictures & Words
Barbara Kruger is one of the most highly successful, yet controversial, artists working today. Her art blends the pragmatic world of advertising and graphic design, a highly developed aesthetic sense and a razor sharp political viewpoint that touches on such themes as patriarchy and our consumer culture. (read more)

1996 28 min. Photography
Aspects of Minimalism
MINIMALISM is a uniquely American phenomenon. This movement, with its emphasis on basic shapes, reduced forms and colors, seems deceptively simple. Yet its theoretical ideas and formal constructs have made Minimalism a major force in art of the latter part of the 20th century. (read more)

1996 28 min. Painting/Sculpture
Kiki Smith
This program covers the art of one of the most innovative and unusual artists working today. Seen are Kiki Smith’s 1992 and 1993 shows at the Fawbush Gallery in New York City in which she exhibits her visceral, powerful and thought provoking work. Included is an interview with Kiki Smith. (read more)

1994 28 min. Sculpture
ROBERT COLESCOTT - An American Original
This program looks at paintings by Robert Colescott as seen in a 1982 mid career exhibition at the Phyllis Kind Gallery in SOHO. In his beautiful and provocative work... (read more)

1993 28 min. Painting
COLETTE - the artist
Colette has been a visionary presence on the New York art scene since the early 1970's. Her work encompasses many locales and mediums such as... (read more)

1993 28 min. Performance, Installations, Painting
Larry Rivers, An American Master
On this program we'll look at the work of Larry Rivers, a major and seminal figure in American Art. Rivers' painting is often visionary, inclusive and prophetic of styles and movements to follow. (read more)

1993 28 min. Painting
Ida Applebroog
This program features the work of Ida Applebroog at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City. Applebroog paints stark images of everyday people engaged in the ordinary and often painful and trying business of survival in the 90's. (read more)

1992 28 min. Painting
LEO & ILEANA, Legendary Art Dealers
On this program we meet LEO CASTELLI and ILEANA SONNABEND, art dealers who have played a significant role in championing and promoting Pop Art, Minimal Art and Conceptual Art. (read more)

1992 28 min. Art
George McNeil: The Painter's Painter
After more than 50 years in the New York art world, George McNeil's expressionist paintings came to the forefront, along with Neo-Expressionists, such as Basquiat and Schnabel, who emerged in the early 80's. (read more)

1991 28 min. Painting
Mary Lucier, Video Installations
In our media age, video has become the conduit for "cutting edge" art. Mary Lucier, a pioneer in this new medium, talks about her evocative, lyrical imagery and sculptural installations. On this program, ART/new York covers "Wilderness" a video installation exhibited widely, and seen most recently, at the Greenberg/Wilson Gallery in New York City. (read more)

1991 28 min. Video Installation
Alice Neel: 1900-1984
This is a rare and extensive glimpse at an enormous talent who occupied the New York art scene for many decades. This program includes two exhibitions of Alice Neel's work at the Robert Miller gallery during the 1980's as well as an in-depth interview... (read more)

1990 28 min. Painting
Jeff Koons: The Banality Show
Koons’ polished polychromed wood and porcelain figurines draw on our popular culture and “kitchy” imagery in order to confound, confuse and ultimately seduce the general populace as well as the intellectual art world. (read more)

1989 28 min. Sculpture
Jean-Michel Basquiat: An Interview
On this program we see a rare interview with the mercurial painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat, conducted in 1981 in his studio on Crosby Street, in SOHO. Basquiat, an internationally renowed as well as the enfant terrible of the 1980's art scene, died tragically in 1988 at the age of 28. (read more)

1989 34 min. Painting
Elizabeth Murray
Elizabeth Murray’s distinctive and unusual paintings make her one of the foremost artists working in New York today. Her work includes sophisticated formal elements, such as complex coloration and inventive shapes that jut out and protrude from the wall. She uses everyday objects that allude to primal imagery as well as a highly individualized sense of personal drama. (read more)

1989 28 min. Painting
Louise Bourgeois
On this program you’ll see the sensual and provocative work of LOUISE BOURGEOIS. Bourgeois, a member of the New York art world since the early 1950s, produces sculpture which is highly charged in content as well as eerily beautiful in form. (read more)

1987 28 min. Sculpture
Women in Art
This tape covers the "CELEBRATION OF WOMEN ARTISTS" exhibition at the Sidney Janis Gallery, an exhibition by MARISOL at the Janis Gallery and an exhibition by NANCY GRAVES at the Knoedler Gallery. (read more)

1985 28 min. Painting
22 YouTube Trailer
NEW NARRATIVE ART, Jennifer Bartlett, Jonathan Borofsky, Robert Longo.
On this rare and historically important DVD, produced in 1984 by Paul Tschinkel and ART/new york, we see exhibitions by three major artists who emerged in the early1980's. (read more)

1984 28 min. Painting/Installation
Graffiti/Post Graffiti
GRAFFITI/POST GRAFFITI is a testament to the street graffiti entering the hallowed grounds of major art galleries and institutions. In this documentary of the early 80s movement, we see the movers and shakers of this genre and listen to the minds behind one of the most innovative, imaginative trends of this decade. (read more)

1984 28 min. Graffiti/Painting
Expressionist Painting
On this program we see JULIAN SCHNABEL'S first major one man show at the Leo Castelli and Mary Boone Galleries, an exhibition by LEE KRASNER at the Robert Miller Gallery and an exhibition by MALCOM MORLEY at the Xavier-Fourcade Gallery. (read more)

1983 28 min. Painting
Video as Art
Seen on this program is the first major retrospective exhibition by Nam June Paik, widely considered the father of video art, at The Whitney Museum of American Art. Also seen are video pieces by Ernest Gusella and David Byrne at MoMA's "New Imagery and Performance Video" exhibition. (read more)

1983 28 min. Video Art
Performance Art
On this video we see three artists who make performances. First we see a grueling performance by Sam Hsieh who intends to live out of doors for one year without going inside for any activity.
(read more)

1982 28 min. Performance Art
Directions in Painting
On this program we see seminal exhibitions by three artists who played a major role in the art of the early 80s. We see FRANK STELLA at the Knoedler Gallery, the first major exhibition by DAVID SALLE at the Leo Castelli and Mary Boone Galleries and an exhibition of paintings by LEON GOLUB. (read more)

1981 28 min. Painting
New York New Wave at PS 1
This seminal show, organized by DIEGO CORTEZ, features the work of many artists who shaped the direction of art that was to follow. Included is the work of ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE, KEITH HARING, JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT, PUNK Magazine and GRAFFITI artists among others.
(read more)

1981 28 min. Seminal Group Show
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